Jan 20, 2009

Is there a decent GF Chicken Nugget recipe?

This is probably the most popular question I've heard from people new to the gluten free diet...And honestly, it makes me want to scratch my eyes out in protest, so I don't have to read it again!!
The answer is NO. For SEVERAL reasons:
1. Most people don't have the means to mechanically separate their chickens (unless they use a car - which adds a whole new level to the grossness factor).
2. Most people don't have an endless supply of MSG sitting around.
3. Wheat flour TASTES different than any other gluten free flour. Any kind of replacement is going to taste different than the original, simply because one is using different ingredients. Most chicken nugget addicts won't touch it with a ten foot pole.
One of my relatives has a little boy who eats these stupid things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chicken nuggets. That's it. IF the kid makes it to 10 before having a heart attack, he's going to be the next runner up Poster Child for the Biggest Loser. WHAT is so flippin' special about this sort-of chunk of meat that millions of American adults are reduced to sudden slavery over it's necessity?
PEOPLE! Millions of children, over THOUSANDS of years, have lived quite happily without ever ONCE eating a chicken nugget! Your kid can, too! I PROMISE! Save yourself the money and heartache that surrounds this most obnoxious of American foods!
I've heard the argument that "Yes, but my kid can't eat so many other things. I'd like him to be able to have ONE thing he likes." To that, I say, "Ok, so in your head, it's okay to give an alcoholic just ONE kind of drink he likes." OR "When your kid grows to teenagerhood, it's going to be okay if he just picks ONE kind of cigarette or one type of marijuana over another form."
Yes, those examples are extremes, but the point is, if you always let the tail wag the dog, you're just going to get pooped on. Suck it up and choose foods for your kid that will make his LONG term life better. He or she may absolutely hate your guts for a couple of days. But at least he or she will live long enough to do it.


  1. well I like your blog so far :)

  2. Thanks, Girls! Have a great day!

  3. huh ... rude, thoughtless, negative and no help at all. Making a fucking chicken nugget healthy isn't hard. Why did you even make this blog?