Jan 19, 2009

If ya didn't like it before...

Don't bother with it now. This tip was driven home in my brain once again just yesterday.
I've never really been a fan of Twinkies. The filling, honestly, makes me hurl! But, for whatever reason, yesterday, I HAD to have Twinkies! Call it a "full moon". Call it "a visit from Aunt Flo". I really have no explanations for my temporary Twinkie insanity.
So, after going through several recipe books and surfing the net, I found what appeared to be a decent GF recipe for Twinkies.
Pulled out my mixer. Pulled out the necessary THREE mixing bowls. Pulled out the wire whisk and mixing/measuring spoons. GULP! Who's going to do all these dishes afterwards? But, I have to follow the recipe exactly as I'm a COMPLETE idiot in the kitchen.
I did everything EXACTLY as the recipe stated...and they STILL crashed! 24 little Twinkie flops on my counter. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to use greased muffin tins afterall (even though the recipe said I could). APPARENTLY, I should've taken the time to build 24 little Twinkie braces/molds out of tinfoil. Lesson learned. Twinkies should be shaped like LOGS, not CUPS. Got it.
At any rate, I really lucked out with this recipe, as I cut in half each of the 24 little Twinkie flops and layered it with strong brewed coffee and vanilla pudding (couldn't stomach the idea of using the Twinkie filling). Voila! Twinkie Tiramisu.
If I hadn't done that, I'd have wasted a bunch of EXPENSIVE flour and 7 whole eggs. That was lucky, and something that doesn't happen often. Usually flops end up in the trash. WHEWWW!!
I guess it's a good thing, though, too. The idea of eating 24 mega-fat-filled GF Twinkies is enough to make me nauseous. What was I thinking??

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