Jan 24, 2009

Mix It Up

If you've ever bought a GF loaf of bread...my humblest apologies! LOL I have YET to find a decent tasting store-bought bread. If it doesn't fall apart the second you touch it, you'll get hit with a taste somewhere between sand and glue. It's disgusting! Yes, one can toast it to improve the taste, but at my house (where my hubby and kids still eat wheat bread) it's too dangerous for me to risk it.
My best advice for today is to find a good gluten free bread recipe either online or in a gluten free cookbook. My favorite books are by Bette Hagman and Carol Fenster. Once again, gluten free bread has a different taste, just because you're using different ingredients! But, if you're dying for a good piece of bread (that won't kill you!) check out ways to make it yourself instead of buying it from a store.
One way to "whip it up quick" is to make several portions of the dry ingredients together in a sealed bags or mason jars. So, if you want to make 3 loaves, you have 3 bags - one portion of dry ingredients for each bag. Throw it in the freezer (to keep it fresh), and you've got a head start on bread any time you want it. This works for cookies or other baked goods, too. This will also majorly cut costs for your bread, too, as the store-bought stuff is MEGA expensive for one little loaf!
Incidentally, for the first time last night, I made Bette Hagman's Fig Newtons (from her "Gluten Free Gourmet Makes Dessert" book). OH MY GOODNESS! My tastebuds died and went to Heaven! Instead of using figs for the filling, I used a mixture of Craisins and dates. Ahhh...Life tastes good again! I'm DEFINITELY going to mix up several batches and keep these on hand. YUM!

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  1. Ooh, I better look at that reci[e before I take it back to the library!!